CVRT Sabre

CVRT Sabre

After my driving experiences with my universal carrier a CVRT drives superbly. The controls are light and precise, performance for a tracked vehicle is surprisingly good and it is road legal.

My Sabre did not start off like this as when I got it needed a thorough strip down and revamp to bring it up my standards. It did however run (not for long though)

On delivery I stripped all exterior bins and fittings and removed much internal hardware. It was then steam cleaned out as it was full of debris. It was decided to have the exterior sand blasted and repainted in two pack paint. Everything was masked up and duly blasted and repainted. All black and silver components were sent away for powder coating.

The refit was fairly straightforward and the vehicle looked great if a bit slippery when wet, so an anti-slip material was added in strategic places.

However we still had running issues, when hot it would just stop! If left for 40 minutes it would restart again .It felt like it was running out of fuel but there was fuel in the lines, the filter was clean. We checked and changed everything but to no avail. This was very frustrating as breaking down was becoming increasingly embarrassing. You can hardly push the vehicle to the side of the road and wait for the AA!!

The only component we had not looked at was the fuel tank so I bit the bullet and removed the access panel and cleaned out the bag tank. It was not too bad but there were a few tree ferns and it would only take one to be sucked up the fuel pipe to cause a stoppage.

Since doing this the problem seems to have to gone away and the vehicle has been relatively reliable. There has been the occasional mishap including charging issues (sticking relay), seized brake calliper and brake pads falling apart, but nothing too drastic.

I do make appoint of driving the Sabre to local shows where ever possible.

This particular Sabre is now a film star having been used for the premier of the film "The Watchmen" and starring in the upcoming film "Different Perspective"

It is still a joy to drive and certainly makes an impression when used on the road!


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